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South Side Youth Soccer would like to thank all of its volunteer coaches. Without you, our players would not have practices or games and the club wouldn't be able to function!

In order for us to help our volunteer coaches, we have put together a whole load of coaching resources to help all coaches, whether you are a veteran on your 4th child and 4th team - or if you're brand new and this is your first time. We're here to help!

We have an extensive curriculum that goes in-depth about ages, games, and rules There's lots to choose from, so have a look around and explore all of what we have to offer!

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Who are they?

Among the different levels for youth sports, Recreational (Rec) is considered the entry level. Things are more relaxed for the players and coaches at the recreational level. Games are played for fun and learning. Winning is not the main focus. All of our Rec coaches are volunteers and are parents & grandparents just like you!


What rules do coaches have to follow?

  • In Rec, coaches must play each child at the game at least 50% of the game time they are there. This can be reduced if the child misses practice that week.
  • Enforcing regulation uniforms. Each player must have an SSYS sponsor-printed jersey for games, along with black soccer shorts, soccer socks, and shin guards. Earrings are not allowed to be worn during games. Earrings may be taped up at the referee’s discretion.
  • Showing good sportsmanship. We are all here for our youth. Please do not yell discouraging things at the players, referees, or other coaches. Read the Coaches Code of Conduct.
  • For U6-U16 teams, parents and spectators must sit on the opposite side of the field than players and coaches. Coaches should encourage parents to all sit on the “parent side” of the field. U6 and older teams may only have 1-2 coaches on the “players side” of the field. Sometimes U4 and U5 coaches need a little more help, so we allow some adult help on the bench.


What perks do Recreational Coaches receive?

  • SSYS allows our Rec coaches the ability to choose their own day, time, and place of practice in most cases. Since we have grown, we allow coaches to schedule their practice time online. They will be given access to the practice scheduling after the coaches meeting. If practices are held at SSYS, YSC, or SJP, a half field is allotted for practice time and must be booked online. Coaches are allowed to practice at any public park, school, or even their backyard as long as they have insured the area through us.
  • They can recruit players to their team if there is room on their roster and the players were NOT recruited from an existing SSYS team.
  • We try to give coaches a little something extra for their volunteer time. Some seasons it is a coach’s jersey. In the past, we have also given out whistles, cones, and practice jerseys.
  • We offer a coaching session for new coaches each season from our Professional Coaching Staff.
  • Coaches may register for practice plans from Soccer 101 paid for by the SSYS Organization.
  • Coaches may choose for their team to wear team socks other than the mandated white socks. For example, the entire team may wear hot pink soccer socks or socks with sharks on them if the coach chooses. (Sock purchases are not the responsibility of the league.)


If I volunteer to coach more than one team how does SSYS help me?

For our head coaches who coach multiple teams, most practice their younger team first then their older team on the same day and they are done for the week! We will do our absolute best to make sure your two teams’ games do not overlap during regular season play. Many of our families have multiple children playing and many have overlapping games. This is something that we can prevent for a limited number of families, so we choose to help our multiple-team coaches!


I want to coach! How do I contact?

You can contact Jaime Gagnon at, sign up as a coach through League Apps, or indicate your willingness to coach on your child’s registration.


Video Resources for Coaches