Mission & Values



The mission of South Side Youth Soccer (SSYS) is to provide and encourage excellence in soccer in a fun, friendly and family atmosphere to people of all ages and abilities.


South Side Youth Soccer aims to be a recognized model program for youth soccer development within Louisiana and the region. We strive to give every player a place to play to soccer in the cities of Lafayette, Youngsville & Broussard, and the surrounding area.

Our philosophy involves implementing age-appropriate training curriculums at all levels to ensure the best development of our young players. The focus is on the development of our players, and not the short-term goal of winning games. We aim to provide a standardized and structured support plan to our players, coaches, and parents, to implement this player focused programming. South Side Youth Soccer uses its affiliation with Dynamo Juniors and their experienced, professional and caring coaches to provide positive and high-quality instructional youth soccer opportunities at all levels of play, that enhance character, community and the love of the game for our diverse membership.


South Side Youth Soccer is committed to providing excellence within the local soccer community with the products and services that we offer. We understand the importance of our impact within the local community and businesses. SSYS will achieve this by:

  • Using all programs and services together to improve each aspect of what is offered
  • Ensuring that all goals, guidelines, and code of conduct is achieved with deadlines met on time and in a quality fashion
  • Welcoming feedback from all members, adding to our soccer expertise to create a product and service that not only our members love but is in line with the Club's vision.
  • Striving to improve all areas of the club in every way possible


South Side Youth Soccer is constantly searching for ways to impact the local community with new products and services. SSYS will achieve this by.

  • Searching for processes and methods that are more efficient to accomplish goals
  • Reach out to previously under-valued communities with new programs that help create a larger, more diverse yet tighter soccer community
  • Spend extra hours and available assets to guarantee the completion and mastery of new programs
  • Opening up to new methods and new ways of improving in order to adapt to the modern and ever-changing economy and community


South Side Youth Soccer is a family-friendly community soccer club. We bring our directors, staff, members, and local community businesses together to achieve a close bond between everyone in the area. SSYS will achieve this by.

  • Supporting our staff, members, and local businesses not only on the field and on the street, but ensuring their personal happiness and well-being
  • Standing behind our staff, members, and local community in any adversity that they come across to create a united community


South Side Youth Soccer is not only educating its members as athletes but as human beings too. Not only with members show respect to each other, but show respect to staff, parents, referees, and opposition. SSYS will achieve this by.

  • Instilling respect in every activity, program, and service that members participate in
  • Treating others as you would want to be treated- with respect & dignity
  • Making sure that all members are aware of the hard work that is invested in their development so that they can help where needed


South Side Youth Soccer together with its competitive program, Dynamo Juniors, is an affiliate of the MLS club Houston Dynamo. From their overall parenting and guidance our club seeks to empower our young players, members, staff and community with the knowledge and confidence to create not just a soccer life but a successful life after soccer too. SSYS will achieve this by.

  • Developing the staff's abilities and knowledge within the soccer community and beyond
  • Plan, for all strategies and for the next day, week, month, year, and decade to help facilitate the growth of the organization
  • Guiding, educating, and leading members, staff and the community in all areas concerning safety, development, and programs.