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South Side Youth Soccer utilizes a “home” and “away” system for the kid’s shirts. We change the style and the “away” shirt color, every two years. (Our home color is always ORANGE!).

Therefore, if you buy the shirts at the start of the “cycle”, your player wears them for a fall season, a spring season, another fall season and finally, a spring season.


We began a new cycle for uniforms in Fall 2022, which will be good through until the Spring of 2024. 

What you need: One orange Adidas jersey and One white Adidas jersey. (Minimum of one jersey for each color).

How Much: The pricing for the Adidas home and away shirt is  $20.75 + tax per shirt for youth sizes, and $22.00 + tax per shirt for adult sizes.


We have a uniform policy that we strongly recommend you read and respect. It is hard to decide what is right and wrong when it comes to uniforms, and the rules that surround them, but we have found that the current system works well for our members and the sponsorship that we generate helps run SSYS. Additionally, we always want soccer to be as low cost and accessible as possible, and the current structure allows for that.

If you have any questions, please contact our committee member Ricky Calais who will be more than happy to help.

Third Coast Soccer


We have collaborated with Third Coast Soccer to manage the supply of our shirts. They are located at 100 William O. Stutes Rd, Suite B Lafayette, La, 70503. Their telephone number is (337)534-0281. The shirts must be purchased from Third Coast Soccer.


We do not prescribe a brand of shorts or socks, but we require the shorts to be BLACK and the socks to be WHITE unless the coach chooses a different sock color for the entire team to wear. The shorts have to be “soccer” shorts. You can buy your shorts and socks at any location you wish.

No individual or team sponsorship printing is allowed on the uniform. We have a uniform sponsor for this uniform cycle. If you would like to sponsor the next cycle of SSYS uniforms, please contact the soccer office.

We always recommend you call ahead of time to ensure your size of shirt is available and so you can reserve it. If your size is not available, do not panic, they will order it and have it for you quickly