Youngsville Super League (NEW)


YOUNgsville Super league

Youngsville Superleague is here to provide a new adult-league experience in South Louisiana. The league will take place on Sundays at Youngsville Sports Complex. And will feature promotion/relegation, individual player awards, social media updates, game photography, and more!


The YSL is a recreational soccer league designed to promote the game of soccer to the men and women in South Louisiana. YSL believes that the benefits of organized soccer are numerous and it is our mission to provide adults with quality soccer opportunities that: (1) Promotes fun, entertainment and satisfaction for all participants (2) Promote health and fitness through physical activity (3) Provide a safe environment through a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship (4) Provide coaches, parents, spectators and soccer enthusiasts with venues to play the the beautiful game. YSL will strive to be an all inclusive soccer league, which reaches players across a broad spectrum, including those new to soccer, former youth players, weekend warriors, and the most advanced competitors.

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YSL Features

  • Promotion & relegation (2 Divisions)
  • 1st place medals
  • Game photography
  • Social media updates
  • Individual awards
    • Top goal scorer
    • Assist leader
    • Shutout leader (GK)
    • Finals MVP
  • And more!

YSL Core Values

Respect - your opponents, league officials, referees, park personnel, families, EVERYONE.

Play Clean - we are all there to have fun, and nobody wants to get injured. Remember all players have families, and a job the next day.

Inclusivity - YSL will strive to provide a venue for players of all levels to enjoy the benefits of organized team sport.

Player Driven - YSL wants to provide a fun environment to all parties involved, and each player's experience is valuable to us. League officials will always be open for constructive criticism and feedback in order to keep building the best adult-league environment in the state!

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