tRYOUT FOR louisiana Dynamo Lafayette


Louisiana Dynamo Lafayette Competitive Soccer Tryouts for the 2021-22 seasonal year have ended and teams have been formed.

If you missed the tryout dates and are still interested in playing competitive soccer, please contact us by clicking the button below.

Please include your child's Full name, Gender, Date of Birth & Previous Soccer Experience in the message.


The Louisiana Competitive Soccer season runs from August to November (October for high school ages) in the Fall, and then from February to April/May in the Spring. By committing to a Dynamo Juniors team after tryouts you are committing for both Fall and Spring seasons.

Teams will compete in tournaments across Louisiana, play in league games and play in scrimmages. All games can be played at our home facilities of Youngsville and Broussard, or on the road against other competitive clubs in Baton Rouge, New Orleans or Shreveport.

YDP (Youth Development Program) teams will participate in more local games, scrimmages and jamborees. They will be part of the Louisiana Soccer Academy Program (LSAP) and take part in 3-4 LSAP events per seasonal year.

All Louisiana Dynamo teams train at the St. Julien Park facility in Broussard. Complete with the turf field, the facility serves as a training base for our teams as well as hosting some of our home league games and our annual tournaments.

Based on coaching schedules and availability, teams will practice on one of two training schedules. These are

  • Monday-Wednesday
  • Tuesday-Thursday.

In addition, depending on team age and coaching schedules the teams can train at one of two time slots on any given night. These are

  • 5:30pm-7pm
  • 7pm-8:30pm

The later slot being reserved for older teams (U14+ generally)