LKR Player Development Academy – Fall 2023


The LKR Player Development Academy is designed to cater to recreational players who aspire to elevate their skills through professional and intentional coaching. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive and structured training environment that nurtures talent, cultivates a passion for the sport, and instills the values of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Using a progressive training model that focuses on age-appropriate developmental needs, it is our goal to provide a pathway to help each member continued growth in a fun, competitive environment. While winning and losing both provide important learning opportunities, building a technical foundation with innovative skills training and exciting small-sided competitive games is a primary objective. We want to focus more on player development through the training and games.

Fall Training Starts on Monday, September 18th. Training will take place every Monday evening - at Youngsville Sports Complex - for 6 sessions/weeks weather permitting. 

Programs offered:

- U5-U6 - Register Here (Limited to 25 registrants)

- U7-U8 - Register Here (Limited to 75 registrants)

- U9-U11 - Register Here (Limited to 100 registrants)

If you have any questions please contact: