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Player Development Academy

fall '21 Registration is OPEN

Practices start September 13th and will run for 7 sessions on Monday nights at Youngsville Sports Complex.

Louisiana Dynamo Lafayette Player Development Academy is for players at South Side Youth Soccer or ANY youth soccer association who love soccer, but need more coaching and a more challenging environment to learn the beautiful game.

This is the next step for our players from South Side to develop and prepare for the next level of soccer, whether it be in the Dynamo YDP (U9 & U10) or in Dynamo Competitive (U11+).

Levels Of Play


Dyna-Mites are U5 to U6 players who love soccer, love their soccer ball and want to explore more ways to move, run, jump and kick on the field. Our innovative curriculum emphasizes the "Me & My Ball" approach at this age, giving players an opportunity to master the ball as much as possible while incorporating fun games and introducing a small amount of competition to keep players engaged.


Our Juniors Player Development Academy is for players age U7 to U8, who have now progressed to playing 5v5 and are now discovering positions on the field. This group uses a "Me and My Friend" approach to the game, by introducing them to not only 1v1 competition but 2v1 situations to help players discover the use and need for teammates to be successful.


The Seniors program is the last level of play before players progress in to Competitive soccer with Dynamo Juniors. Players aged U9 & U10 are now fully immersed in ball mastery, 1v1 & 2v1 situations, small-sided games and are introduced to terminology used by Louisiana Dynamo Competitive teams and their coaches